General Information


VIEPS is a cooperative affiliation between several universities. The primary objectives of VIEPS are to instigate and support:

  • interdisciplinary programs in geological, geophysical and atmospheric sciences, to create a unified approach to the study of earth and planetary sciences
  • coordination of facilities and staff between the VIEPS partners to enhance their teaching and research programs by more effective use of their resources
  • collaboration between private industry, the VIEPS academic institutions and government organisations, in order to keep teaching and research in touch with industry needs and developments, and to keep industry in touch with scholarship.

Students enrolling in programs in any of the member universities are able to utilise any part of the VIEPS network. Collaborative teaching programs provide higher-quality and more broadly-based undergraduate courses, having access to a much wider range of expertise than perhaps anywhere else in Australia.

Coordination of equipment also provides greater access to major analytical facilities as well as optimising their use by research staff members. Shared access ensures that equipment is used efficiently for the benefit of all and is maintained to high standards. VIEPS students have access to a range of major facilities that is second to none.



Non-VIEPS student and industry participation is encouraged for all VIEPS courses.

Enrolment: Industry and external students (i.e. non-VIEPS and non-MTEC students) enrol online (see below on how to enrol).

Course Fees: These are included under each course outline. All prices quoted include GST.

Cancellation Fee: There will be a cancellation fee of $50 if you withdraw from a course less than two weeks prior to its commencement.



Enrolment: Students enrol online (see Enrolling in VIEPS, below). The deadline for 2017 enrolments is 10 February, 2017.

Before embarking on your Honours or postgraduate training there are a few things which we would like you to be aware of. Please read this section very carefully.

  • Make your choice of courses carefully, in conjunction with your project supervisor. Once you have enrolled for a course you are expected to attend. Simply not turning up for a course, or changing your mind at the last minute, is not acceptable.
  • In order to avoid conflicts with proposed fieldwork or analytical programs, we suggest you sit down with your project supervisor and work out a schedule for both courses and fieldwork at the same time you are choosing your VIEPS courses.
  • Access to major facilities by students should be through your supervisor or departmental laboratory manager. It is important when using facilities in one of the other VIEPS departments that they know you are there and who you are.



The Contact Page includes a list of names and telephone numbers for VIEPS personnel who you may need to talk to at various times. Additional information can be obtained from the VIEPS office (in the School of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne) – tel: 83449866 or email:



Go to the VIEPS Coursework Honours Program to see a full list of courses available in 2017. You can view them by alphabetical listing or by discipline group. Decide which courses you would like to undertake, making sure:

  1. you have consulted with your supervisor
  2. the dates for each course do not clash

When you are ready to enrol, go to the Courses page and click on the Login page link. Create an account by entering your email address. A password will be emailed to you. Login with your user name (email address) and password. Fill in your profile. Select your courses and click select. Review your selections and click confirm. Your enrolment will then be confirmed.

The deadline for 2016 VIEPS enrolments is 10 February 2017



You can make changes to your VIEPS course enrolment by logging in to your VIEPS account (see the Courses page). Your enrolment is taken as a definite commitment from you to attend the listed courses. If you withdraw without a satisfactory explanation less than two weeks prior to the start of a course, part or all of your course fees will be forfeited.



There will be an important information session at the start of the new academic year for all commencing Honours, Mastersand postgraduate students enrolled in VIEPS Schools/Department. You are expected to attend the Welcome Day which will be held at 11:00 am on Tuesday, 7 February 2017, at the University of Melbourne. You will learn more about VIEPS and what you need to know during the year about access to facilities and courses.

The meeting will also be attended by the heads of VIEPS departments, and chairpersons of the VIEPS Joint Curriculum Committee and Major Facilities Committee. We also extend invitations to representatives from relevant professional societies to come along and introduce themselves and their societies to you. This information session will be followed by a lunch nearby, provided by VIEPS, to welcome everybody to the new year.



All courses incorporating field trips may incur additional field expenses. These costs are indicated in the course descriptions. If you have any queries about course fees please contact the course leaders or the VIEPS Office prior to the running of the course. See the Contact Page for telephone numbers and email addresses for course leaders. Costs quoted include GST.



Many course leaders produce detailed booklets of notes for their course. If other sources are unable to fund the production of these notes, leaders may charge a fee. This is limited to a maximum of $10 (incl. GST) for a two-day course and $10 (incl. GST) for a five-day course, unless specified in advance.



Any course may be cancelled if there are less than five registered attendees. Whether to cancel a course will be the decision of the course leader(s). Please try to register for courses early to help us minimise course cancellations.

Notice of course cancellations is displayed on the VIEPS website (see Course Updates).

We aim to make decisions about the viability of courses, and to reassign students if necessary, during the week following the closure of enrolments.

Presenters may only be permitted to cancel viable courses in extreme circumstances.



Course coordinators are asked to enter marks within three weeks of course completion.

Courses require a mark out of 10. Most students who have been accepted into the Honours year will gain marks from 6 to 8, which is within the range H3 to H1. Decimal places are acceptable. It is suggested that 7.5 should be the PAR mark.

Based on simple class exercises a simple method is to assess students as Unsatisfactory, Satisfactory (PAR) and Excellent. Only students showing exceptional ability should be classified as Excellent.

These categories can then be allocated marks as shown on the table below:

Simplified Assessment VIEPS Mark
Excellent 10
8 - H1 boundary
Satisfactory 7 - H2A–H2B boundary
Unsatisfactory 5 - H3–Fail boundary



Payment of applicable course fees prior to course start date is required in order to confirm your enrolment.

Payment should be made to the particular University running the course in which you are enrolled. Each course description provides payment details.